"Two Paper Horses photography is the best in SLC! We just loved working with them, and we were so happy with our decision to have them shoot our wedding. Like most people probably are, we were a bit nervous committing to a photographer because there is a lot we don't know about the art, and it is one of the more expensive parts of putting on a wedding. After all was said and done, Niki and Russel were worth every penny spent, and we would hire them again 100 times over. They made us feel so comfortable all night, and are such friendly folks. Also- it truly does help having two people there photographing. One of them was present for every moment, and when it called for it, they work very well together. The photos turned out great. Love their style and everything they're able to create. Knowing what I do now, I would have paid way more than they charge. Go with Two Paper Horses!"

-Christian and Caitlin

"We wanted a photographer who would bring our personalities to life through artful images of our intimate Bay Area backyard wedding and Two Paper Horses absolutely delivered! Niki did a fantastic job of highlighting all of the details we hoped to capture while also grabbing shots of the unscripted moments we never could have predicted would make the day so memorable. If you're tired of cookie cutter stock photos that appear as though the camera was simply going through the motions, Two Paper Horses is your straight ticket out of mediocrity. We'll treasure our photo keepsakes forever!"

- Jamie and Charlie

"We are beyond ecstatic with how our engagement and wedding photos turned out.  Every snapshot transported us to one of the most important milestones in our lives.  Each detail you captured from big to small radiated with the love and emotion from that day.  For that, we are beyond grateful."

- Aaron and Jes

"Thanks you so much for shooting our wedding!  We love the pictures- you were able to capture so many special moments that we missed!  Thank you again for all your hard work!"

-Ashley and Nick

"You both made us feel so at ease with this process.  Thank you for taking amazing photos for us to cherish for life."

-Hailey and Jes